What is Pass Plus?

As a learner driver you are not allowed onto motorways. Motorway driving can be daunting for the first time, everything moves faster, there are more vehicles, more lanes to cope with and motorway regulations and signs are encountered for the first time in a real life situation.

Once you have passed your practical test you should consider doing Pass Plus which is a short course to further your driving skills and experience including motorway and night-time driving. Many insurance companies give worthwhile discounts to Pass Plus pupils.

Pass Plus Course has 6 Modules

The 6 modules consist of a minimum of 6 hours tuition, and no test to take! Your driving instructor will assess your competence after each module and at the end of the course complete a form to send off to the DSA who will in turn send you a Pass Plus certificate. You quote your certificate number to your insurance company when getting them to give you a quote for insurance – worthwhile discounts are given that often exceed the cost of the Pass Plus course.

Module 1    – An introduction to the course and a practical session on town driving
Module 2    – All weather driving
Module 3    – Out of town driving and rural roads
Module 4    – Night driving
Module 5    – Dual carriageways
Module 6    – Motorways

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